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"When our daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder when she was 12 weeks old and we were informed she would require intensive oral motor and feeding therapy we had no idea where to turn to. Luckily, our daughter’s neurologist found Shelby. Shelby has been much more than a therapist to our family – she has been a friend. She is extremely supportive of our family and our daughter, always thinking positively and creatively. Because of Shelby, our daughter has made significant strides in terms of her abilities and in addition to learning a tremendous amount, she also always enjoys the time she spends with Shelby. We are confident that our daughter will exceed her potential with Shelby as her therapist and we hope that Shelby stays a part of our lives forever."

- Elana L.

"Shelby began working with our daughter four years ago, when she was 8 months old. Shelby began treating our daughter with Oral Motor therapy, then taught her sign language, PROMPT language development, and now that she is speaking, uses play and technology to hone her skills. Her expertise in each of these modalities is clear, but only part of why we've continued to work with her for all these years.

Shelby is a pedigree human being, who constantly demonstrates generosity, thoughtfulness, kindness, honesty, deep empathy and compassion. Her adventurous, fun-loving and outgoing spirit shine in her work, instantly making kids and their caretakers feel at ease and well cared for. No matter who walks through her door, they are treated with the utmost respect and loving kindness.

Most importantly, in all my years working with Shelby, I've seen her clients progress exponentially with her help. She has participated in team meetings, and has consistently kept an open line of communication with the other therapists on our team. In addition, she has helped train family members and other caregivers on creative and fun ways to work with our daughter at home. Shelby has also demonstrated a great ability to help families learn how to cut unwanted behaviors in a structured, grounded and loving way.

Without a doubt, Shelby has helped our daughter to reach some of her most important milestones, giving her the best chance to overcome her most significant challenges. She is a true gem!"

- Lara and Michael Szlamkowicz

" It is a truly rare phenomenon in any industry to find a professional who is not only knowledgeable about every aspect of their field, but also naturally has the instincts to apply that knowledge appropriately. Shelby was born to work with children. Everything she does comes from a deeper place in her heart, and she sincerely cares about every child's progress. She is always up front with parents, and has an understanding of how a speech or language delay also affects other areas of a child's development. I have often consulted with her about my son's Occupational Therapy and Behavior Therapy, and how it relates to his Speech Therapy. I have always told every teacher and therapist at my son's school that Shelby's opinion is gold to me, and she has always been willing to work as a cohesive member of my son's team. Her optimism and ability to see every child's potential make her office a warm and safe place not only for the children, but for parents who can be overwhelmed by the process. We truly struck gold when we found Shelby!"

- Mary Ghicas

" My son at 20 months wasn't speaking and I knew something was wrong. I knew he needed speech therapy. I did some research and found Shelby. From the moment I entered Shelby's office and met with her I knew she was the right person. From her warm smile, concern and appropriate plan of care for my son I knew he was in the right hands. My son has progressed so much and I attribute his success to her. She has been on top of him every moment and has given me the skills to help him at home. Shelby is a true professional and very well educated in speech therapy. Her knowledge base is outstanding and her approach with my son has been terrific. We are truly blessed to of found her."

- Jennifer P.

"My son started working with Shelby when he was 3 1/2 years old. At that point, he barely spoke more than a couple of words. Shelby immediately came up with a successful therapy and treatment plan that he enjoyed and was easy to implement at home. Now, two years later, he barely stops talking for a minute. His work with her has been invaluable! We love working with Shelby and are so appreciative of everything she has done. We know that our son is getting the best speech and language therapy in a loving environment."

- Tobi A.

"Shelby has an amazing ability to connect with a child. This ability allows her to determine the child's needs and then develops a plan of action that promotes speech. Her love of improving children's speech is evident in her work and they way she presents herself to the child and the parents. Shelby is not only our daughter's speech therapist but also a part of our family."

- Caroline

"We needed a therapist who could resolve our daughter's abnormal picky eating habits. Shelby was fantastic to work with. She established a wonderful relationship with our daughter and gained her trust. Shelby had a lot of creative and innovative ideas to solve this issue. Shelby worked closely with us and helped us implement her strategies in our daily home life. Today, I am happy to report that my daughter now has a wide variety of foods in her diet including many different fruits, vegetables, and meats. I no longer need to carry "back-up food" or worry about eating at someone else's house. I can honestly say that we could not have accomplished what we did without Shelby's thoughtfulness, ingenuity, and guidance."

- Karen S.

"It has been a pleasure working with Shelby for the past three years. Shelby is extremely knowledgeable about oral motor and speech therapy and her recommendations have been so helpful. Our daughter Julia has made amazing progress with Shelby's help. Shelby is so kind and patient with the children and uses play to achieve her goals. Julia loves going to "Shelby's House" and we are so lucky to have found her."

- June & Matthew Traiger

"I am writing this letter to thank you for all of the incredible help you have given to Julio over the past several months. Your extreme kindness, care and concern for him was very evident to both my wife and I. Julio's speech has improved dramatically since he began seeing you. With the foundation that you have laid, we are certain Julio's speech will continue to improve (so long as we are diligent with your rigorous at-home exercises!)"

- Paul Roberts

My now 23 month old son began sessions with Shelby at 18 months due to speech delays and an inability to eat solid food based on an oral motor issue. Within two months of working with Shelby, my son was able to eat ALL solids and was signing to communicate which decreased his frustration and in turn, his temper tantrums. Now, he not only signs, but uses verbal language to communicate which has decreased his drooling. Shelby's expertise not only allowed my son to thrive in his ability to communicate, but also provided him with a healthier lifestyle of nutrition, social skills, and clearly positively impacted his sense of self. Her approach is non-threatening, flexible and patient with a contagious enthusiasm and passion. She also provides consistent reinforcement and communication with the parents and guardians of the children she works with. I have witnessed this hands on, not only with my family, but with the other families and children that Shelby works so closely with. She is amazing and we have so much to be grateful to her for!

- Prudence

"Words cannot express how much your skill, understanding, patience, and positive energy have influenced Julian and our whole family. You are really incredible and your talent has changed our lives. Thank you once again for all your incredible effort. We are blessed.

-Maggie Weiss

Over the years, Shelby has been a significant part of my son Christopher's progress. Christopher is a thriving 6 year old boy today, due in part to the knowledge, experience, patience and dedication Shelby has provided to Christopher and our family. Beyond our expectations, Shelby assisted us in discovering the tools and techniques to help our son be the best boy he can be.

Shelby Camhi is a tremendous asset to the special education profession and a blessing to our family.

- Andrea M

"I am the mom of a 13 year old Autistic boy...At the age of 3, our son, Jimmy, was diagnosed with Autism - not much hope or help for kids like him back then... Thank goodness we didn't listen to some of experts in the field at that time...We never gave up hope and luckily found a speech therapist, like Shelby, who saw the same potential in Jimmy that we did...When Jimmy started seeing Shelby, he had very little speech... Jimmy is now successfully mainstreamed in a 6th grade as a happy child on the honor roll...With Shelby's help, he is making great progress in terms of his speech and language...He still has many challenges, but we are taking one day at a time... We are committed, as we know Shelby is, to successfully work through each and every one of them... With her help, I know we can!!!"

- Diane

"If you are looking for a therapist who will create an individualized plan that works best for your child, then you can stop your search. As a parent, I wanted the very best for my child. I searched, called and interviewed tons of therapists. Shelby by far was the best choice for my son. Shelby will create a plan that is just right for your child. Once the right plan is found, then she will help you so that you can carry out the therapies at home. The office is extremely clean, organized and fun filled with activities that children of all ages will love. Your exhausting search is over!"

- Christina T.

Welcome to Talk 2 Me LLC (Talk to Me), Shelby Camhi, Pediatric Speech Pathologist. Talk 2 Me provides speech and language services for treatment of issues concerning feeding, apraxia, down syndrome, Autism, delays, oral motor, low tone, hypotonia, cochlear implants, auditory verbal therapy (AVT), receptive language, expressive language, articulation, pragmatics, social skills, motor planning, dysarthria. Our pediatric program provides services for children and their families, including therapy, treatment, preschool handicap program, special education, IEP (individualized education), neurological and speech therapy programs. Regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders we also offer Cochlear Implants, Listening and Spoken Language (LSLS), and Deaf / Hard of Hearing / Hearing Impairment treatments. We provide servces for the communities of Bergen County, Hudson County, Rockland County, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Fort Lee, Tenafly, Teene CR, Edgewater, Alpine, Closter, Weehawken, Hoboken, Essex County, Paramus, Cliffside Park, Ridgefield. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment!